At Deep Roots, we pride ourselves on providing you with the absolute best piercing journey by hold ourselves to a higher level of customer service standards. Be it your first or fourteenth visit to our studios, we want you enjoy your experience with us every time. That accountability is what we call the Deep Roots Gold Standard Promise, which includes:


From our showroom to our piercing rooms, meticulous cleaning in our studios helps create an environment you can trust. Each piece of jewelry is sterilized when it first arrives and then again before your piercing using a hospital-grade Statim autoclave sterilizer. Staff also always wears gloves while handling jewelry or working with clients, and we utilize sterile single-use needles rather than piercing guns for each procedure.

Our studios are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants every morning, between each client, and every night. Each of our studios also uses HEPA filtration and photocatalytic oxidation air purification systems to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and mold. In short, we take cleanliness very seriously.


Deep Roots offers the largest selection of high-quality piercing jewelry. Not only is our jewelry nickel-free, but it contains only the purest materials to promote the best wearing experience.  If you have ever had an allergic reaction after getting pierced at another studio or the mall, it could be because the low-grade metal alloy that the jewelry was made of. Your body may have reacted to the nickel or other metals that have been mixed in, causing pain, swelling, and tissue discoloration.

To prevent those types of issues when you shop at Deep Roots, we only sell jewelry made with implant-grade bioinert metals. This means that the stylish studs, rings, plugs, and other items we stock do not react when they come in contact with your body. Our jewelry is specifically chosen to make sure you have an easy healing process with minimal discomfort and happy, healthy tissue.


At Deep Roots, we love what we do and do what we love. All of our professional jewelry curators, piercers, and tattoo artists always have your best interest in mind. Every member of our staff is also trained and certified for bloodborne pathogen precautions. Fully licensed, our piercers and artists are all members of the Association of Professional Piercers, which is the international board committed to ensuring the highest levels of progressive standards and practices in the industry.

Should you have any questions about our jewelry or a procedure, our team will be happy to tap into their experience and provide guidance to ensure your best body art experience.


Getting pierced or tattooed is a great way to express yourself. It is also a great way for others to express themselves, which is why everyone regardless of age, race, or identity is welcome to Deep Roots. Empathy, inclusion, and compassion are our core values, and we welcome everyone to our harmonious and positive environment.

So before you book your next piercing appointment, keep the Deep Roots Gold Standard Promise in mind. When it comes to cleanliness, quality, education, and inclusivity, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.