Here's what our clients say about their experience at Deep Roots!


"The best Tattoo and piercing company in Western Washington!

I have been to this location a couple of times now for piercings, and all of the staff that I have had the pleasure to interact with are very friendly, professional, and well educated. Not only is this location spacious, but it's also very clean and sterile. Of the tattoo shops I've been in, this is by far the most welcoming.

Cal up front is one of my absolute favorites! She knows everything there is to know about the jewelry they offer. She is one of the kindest most honest "retail" workers I have met! Not only can she help find something within my budget, but also something that will look good on me and my complexion.

I highly recommend any of Deep Root's locations, but if you're anywhere north of Downtown Seattle, it's worth the drive to the Lynnwood/Alderwood Mall location!"
- Jeffery C. Yelp review


"Cleanest place ever, super friendly staff, with beautiful jewelry and results. What more do you want?" - Jamie S. Yelp review


"Shy helped me at the counter and was really helpful in recommending some beautiful and unexpected pieces. Great taste!

John was my piercer this visit and did a helix and flat for me. Even though it was far from my first piercing, I still got nervous, and John's friendly and chatty disposition really helped to calm my nerves. The piercing still hurt of course, but I feel like John had a gentle hand because my piercings were barely sore afterwards. I got the piercings on 12/29/2019 and they seem to be healing well, I'm really happy!

I've gotten almost all of my piercings at this Deep Roots so far, and I'll definitely be back if I decide to add another piercing to my collection. :)"  -Natsuda N. Yelp review


"Everyone was so sweet and comforting to my daughter who was getting her ears pierced for the first time, and a little nervous. Great experience." - Leandra R. Yelp review


"The shop owner is an excellent piercer and friendly guy. I highly recommend him. The shop staff are welcoming and friendly, and are enthusiastic about helping out. I will definitely be back for my next piercing!" - Wren D. Yelp review 


"Ben did both of my lobe piercings and I love them! He was excellent and his technique gave me no pain. He took great care in educating me and was just super friendly. I ended up getting one piercing and came back the very next day for another one because my experience had been so great. Definitely recommend! They also have beautiful jewelry. You get what you pay for here which is very high quality service and jewelry. No cheap stuff here and I know the high quality is the reason my healing process has been without issue." - Kris R. Yelp review


"I came in with my 11 year old daughter as we were both going to get our ears pierced. We were welcomed in, with very friendly staff. John pierced both our ears, was knowledgeable, super friendly and even suggested a solution for how to fix a crooked piercing done previously. Would absolutely recommend getting pierced here!!" - Heather L. Yelp review


"Awesome experience! Came in looking for quality body jewelry and wasn’t disappointed! Knowledgeable and friendly staff & super professional piercers! Picked out new pieces and installation was complimentary with my purchase! Piercer was amazing and quick and painless! Impressed with their involvement in APP and their commitment to professional piercing. I will be returning for all of my future piercing, tattoo and jewelry needs" - Ashley L. Yelp review


"I came here with my daughters as my seven year old wanted her ears pierced. They have a beautiful selection of jewelry and are great with kids - it couldn't have gone better! The atmosphere is so friendly. Highly recommend!" - Lauren H. Yelp review


"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! Excellent selection of body jewelry! I always go here to get my body jewelry changed out, and the piercers here are always prompt and very sanitary." - Nicholas S. Yelp review


"I had my septum piercing with Dave, a jewelry change with Anj, and my septum stretched with Dave. All such awesome experiences! The gal at the front, Cali, is so sweet and personable and helpful about picking jewelry that fits your style. All three had a hand in my jewelry picking and I couldn’t be happier about it. My septum piercing is perfectly done, the jewelry quality is fantastic, there’s a great selection for septum rings, and the people are spot on. Definitely recommend!" - Samara H. Yelp review


 "7yr old daughter got her ear piercing here. Ben was super patient and answered all her questions and put her at ease. He went slow and didn't rush anything. Explained every step of the process and she didn't even cry. Great experience and would return!" - Gabi S. Yelp review


"My daughter wanted a second ear piercing and our entire experience at Deep Roots from first phone call to piercing was incredible. Every staff person was kind and consent was the key. My daughter really wanted the second piercing and was scared- the whole staff really inquired about whether or not she truly wanted to follow through and had amazing patience and thoughtfulness during every step. The actual piercing turned out to be a breeze for her. Dae did the piercing and you could not ask for a better human to walk you through this."  - Rose G. Yelp review


"Awesome shop. Very clean, great customer service, extremely knowledgeable staff. Came in for a nose adornment not sure what to expect being newly transplanted. Pleasant surprise! Jewelry selection is on point, BVLA, Buddha, Tether, all the shiny pretties. Totally coming back, telling all my friends, and all that jazz." - Jenn R. Yelp review


"This place has the cutest plugs! I’ve been so excited to stretch, but these plugs are so cute, I keep putting it off. They have all different sizes of glass like no place I’ve seen around Seattle & Bellevue.

I also got my ears pierced here. Everything was perfect. My piercer was awesome and found that one of the spots I was trying to have re-pierced was still open and helped me put jewelry in it. I’ve been here twice and don’t want to go anywhere else." - Danielle L. Yelp review


"Excellent service from all the employees I encountered. They were patient and attentive even though there were multiple people there asking questions. The person at the counter was crystal clear about costs and also super friendly. I bought all four of the earrings I needed there. Their jewelry selection is wonderful. They carry BVLA as well as other brands and I definitely will be returning for jewelry, if nothing else. The piercing was quick, efficient, and professional. I'm used to piercings but even if I had been new to it I would have felt at ease there. I had two lobe piercings on each ear redone, moved to a better spot. The guy who did them was very careful about their placement and answered all my questions. So far they are healing beautifully and turned out exactly the way I wanted. The prices are steep, what I'd expect for high-end jewelry (and a good piercing job). I think the price is worth it. After all, a piercing lasts forever so you might as well pay more to have it done very well, which is what I got here." - Frances E. Yelp review


 "Always happy when I leave here" - Heather R. Yelp review


"I have been here to get piercings for years - 5 done at this shop. They impress me every time. Most recently I had a helix and two lobe piercings done by Ben who was extremely friendly and clearly knowledgeable. Calley helped me at the counter and was really wonderful. I have never had a bad experience here and plan on coming back again! Every piercing has healed well and was quick and painless (relatively). Highly recommend you stop in." - Callahan B. Yelp review


 "I came in to Deep Roots today to get my daughter's ears pierced. The shop was quite large and obviously very clean. My daughter especially wants to let Dave know that she is grateful he was so nice to her, even after she cried. Thank you for the great experience!" - Noel K. Yelp review


"Deep Roots came highly recommended to me, and I continue to highly recommend it to others! The rooms are private, the staff are kind and professional and go above and beyond to make you happy and comfortable. I'm very happy with the piercings I've gotten here, and I can't wait to come back for more!" - Camille D. Yelp review


"Love the staff here. From the person that greets you up front, to the skilled piercing staff, I get my questions answered and feel confident the equipment is high end and the products are good quality. My daughter loves her opal stud she bought for her ear cartilage." - Melanie C. Yelp review


"Friendly and professional team. Great selection of jewelry. This is my go to place for piercings. Dave has done most of my piercings, he makes it as easy and painless as possible and always has a smile on his face. They use the best and safest jewelry and are APP members so you know they'll take the best care." - Zoe R. Yelp review


 "Sarah and Dave were so incredibly friendly, helpful and professional! A large group of us came in an hour before closing and instead of being grouchy they were so nice and made each of our piercings a positive experience. Super clean and super helpful. Definitely recommend!" - Beth E. Yelp review


"It's about time I review this shop as I now have three piercings I got done here. I've had my nostril, my septum, and a surface piercing done at Deep Roots and they've all been positive experiences. My nostril went off without a hitch and the placement is perfect. They've changed out the jewelry for me a couple of times as well as adjusted it when necessary. The septum I just had done, and the piercer was super up front with me about how it was going to sit with my weird septum (and was completely right), and nailed the placement. With my surface bar in my nape, everyone in the shop was very helpful in choosing the right placement and style, as well as making sure I came in at a time when the most qualified piercer for a surface bar was going to be working. I've had it for a year and a half now with essentially no problems whatsoever. As for basics, the shop is super clean, they're great about informing you on details regarding sterilization and aftercare, and everyone is super friendly. I'd highly recommend this shop for piercings." - Leah S. Yelp review


"Absolutely always get my piercings here. Staff is super friendly and the selection of jewelry is unparalleled. I've always been able to get spot on advice here as well. If you are looking for a great place to get pierced, just go here." - Christine I. Yelp review


"The finest quality rose gold and great prices!" - Shauna A. Yelp review


"Great experience! Went in for a piercing after a bad experience at another shop. The counter staff was friendly and the piercer was super kind, patient, and professional. The piercing itself was quick and painless, and the piercer gladly switched out jewelery from one of my other piercings too. I really like the selection of high quality jewelry they have there- a lot of really unique pieces." - Marie B. Yelp review