Meet the Piercer: Anji Anujin

Anji Anujin


Hello, my name is Anji! I’m a piercer from Mongolia living and piercing in the Seattle area. I’ve been doing body piercings for well over 10 years and don’t have any plans on stopping! I migrated to the States three years ago to achieve my career goals of offering high quality, beautiful, and safe piercings. I am always looking forward for more knowledge and experience in the art 🥰 


Being a young teenager wanting to do piercings in a underdeveloped country was a tough challenge with little to no resources. All I had was the information I could find online from the wonderful piercers in America, and it was a big reason why the States was my ultimate destination! My dream of somehow making it here was not only achieved but am thriving more than I could ever imagine! I have the most awesome peers and people to look up to and genuinely feel like I found my place in life. My industry is where I belong. Body piercing is my art.


I love doing all kinds of piercings but intimate ones like nipples and vulva piercings are dearest to my heart. They are the most powerful ones who makes one fall in love with their own body all over again in such a beautiful way. I mostly do what I like to call “Glam piercings”. I get a lot of clients who want to add more sparkles and pretties onto their ears and faces. Genuine stones and gold is what makes those Glam piercings extra attractive. I live for happy squeaks and smiles I get to give my clients with the power of piercings! 


My to-go jewelry brand is and always will be Buddha Jewelry. All other brands are amazing and I love using them but I hold special place in my heart for Buddha Jewelry because aside having great designs and quality, I see who they are and what they stand for. In this time and age where we get to choose businesses based on the owners I am a hundred percent happy to show my support and love. (Also I was given an amazing opportunity to use their platform to model their gorgeous jewelry and bring even more diversity to the industry and represent. Oh did I tell you how big of a deal this is for a baby immigrant like me? Is this the American dream?)


My personal tips for styling your piercings is definitely to go to a professional body piercer. They will be able to give you expertise based on your anatomy and can consult about what you envision achieving aesthetically. The fun you can have with decorating your body in a stylish yet safe way is so much fun and I wholeheartedly suggest everyone trying no matter who you are! Thank you for reading and if you ever want to get pierced by me, you can get in touch me through my Instagram page 

Like I always say, I’d LOVE to pierce you  
Thank you,


  Pictures and words by Anji Anujin

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Anji Anujin Piercings

Anji Anujin Piercings
Anji Anujin Piercings
Anji Anujin Piercings
Anji Anujin Piercings
Anji Anujin Piercings
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