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I am from Nashville, TN and moved to become a part of the Deep Roots family November 2019. I have been piercing for four years. Some of my pastimes include hiking, volunteering on the APP Membership Committee, or picking up a good book to read. I met who would become my mentor and first boss Ian Bishop when I was working as a music journalist. I thought piercing would be a fun side hustle, but quickly became immersed in it and quit my journalism career.


I absolutely love my job! Making people shiny and honing my skills as a piercer has been so much fun. Every day has its new challenges so I am never bored. I plan on doing this for a very long time.


My personal favorite piercing to perform has to be the daith piercing. It is such a lovely and unique look and the best part is the jewelry available for them! A close second would be the tragus piercing. Using dainty little sparkles in this piercing really adds something fun and interesting to each one!


The best way I advise approaching a cohesive look is to pick your favorite pieces first and then let me place them where they’ll look great! That way we can take an in depth look at the jewelry you chose and figure out the best placements to really make you shine! Some pieces have specific shapes to contour and compliment certain locations on the ear, so its best to work with your natural shape and accent that, rather than go against it.


My personal advice for having the best experience is to always downsize your piercings. Shortening the posts on your jewelry after about six weeks will perpetuate a great heal. It is essentially your insurance! We usually start everyone out with longer jewelry for a bit of swelling, but if it stays long for too much time, snagging it and migration can occur, which will cause healing issues and we don’t want that.

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