Meet the Piercer- Anji Anujin



The personification of persistence and skill, Anji Anujin was driven to become a piercer long before she came to the states to make her dream happen. Even though the piercing scene was nearly non-existent where she grew up in Mongolia, the internet was an invaluable resource that Anji harnessed to propel her career forward. With the experience of being the only professional body piercer in Mongolia and running her own studio back home, she made her way to the US to further hone her craft. By attending courses like the Fakir Intensives body piercing workshops and the Association of Professional Piercers conference, Anji worked hard to expand her knowledge and expertise.

Surrounded by her peers and plenty of people to look up to, Anji feels she has truly found her place in life through practicing her artform. Over a decade in, she’s still excited by the idea of conquering learning curves and staying at the forefront of industry styles, trends, and techniques. Of all the piercings she does, for example, intimate ones like nipples and vulvas are the ones closest to her heart because they are the most powerful ones that help her clients “fall in love with their own body again all over again in such a beautiful way.” Anji also enjoys “Glam piercing” sessions in which she installs jewelry made with gold and genuine stones to make those piercings extra attractive. A further example of the positivity and pride that goes into her work, she lives for the “happy squeaks and smiles” she gets to give her clients with the power of piercings. 

When it comes to curating your look, Anji absolutely recommends relying on a professional piercer. The value of their knowledge cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to determining what piercing jewelry works best for specific anatomies in a safe yet stylish way. Buddha Jewelry is Anji’s go-to brand when putting a client’s look together thanks to their great design quality and her approval of what the owners stand for. Champions of diversity, they also granted her the chance to model their gorgeous jewelry and add a bit more representation in the industry.

Anji Anujin has been doing body piercings for well over 10 years and has no plans on stopping!

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Words by Anji Anujin and Jon Cardoso

Edited by Jon Cardoso