Ear Piercings - What Should You Get?

It's time to get pierced again and we can't wait to hear your ideas! If you need a little guidance on deciding which piercing you would like to get, our lovely counter staff is here to help. At Deep Roots we aim to deliver the highest level of quality and service welcoming a diverse and professional environment for our clients. We love to collaborate and help you find the jewelry that's best for your unique anatomy and style. Browse this list of ear piercing ideas done by our amazing staff at Deep Roots: 



Ear Lobe Text

Earlobe Piercings@piercedbyjohn


Ear Lobe – You can have this pierced in multiple areas depending on your anatomy. Healing can take six to eight weeks.




Tragus Text

Conch Piercing@piercings.by.anji


Tragus – A tragus piercing will go through the small piece of cartilage in front of the ear canal. Healing can take from six months to a year.

Our client is wearing the snake pin by BVLA in their tragus. When you visit our studios you can shop our wide variety of solid gold jewelry! 



Outer Helix Text

Outer Helix Piercing@ko_piercer


Outer Helix - The ridge of cartilage around the edge of the external part of the ear. The outer helix usually refers to piercings from above the earlobe to the top of the ear. If you are getting this piercing for the first time you will want to start with a post, healing cartilage is often more difficult.

Our client has the Jonquil threaddles end by Buddha Jewelry in their outer helix, the Dia clicker by Buddha Jewelry in their Daith, and Moet threadless end by Buddha Jewelry in their tragus



Forward Helix

Triple Forward Helix Piercing@piercings.by.anji


Forward Helix - A forward helix piercing goes through the outer helix, above the tragus where the helix attaches to the face. Healing can take three to six months

 Our client is wearing a solid gold disk by Buddha Jewelry, Corazon end by Buddha Jewelry, and a Smokey Quartz end by BVLA


Daith Text

Daith Piercing



Daith – This piercing is located on the innermost fold of your ear. A Daith piercing is a great way to show off your favorite seamless ring or clicker right away. Healing will take six months or longer. Shop our wide variety of solid gold clickers here and visit our studios to shop our large selection of fine gold jewelry! 

This look features desings by Maria Tash, BVLA and Buddha Jewelry


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