Deeper Meaning- Jonas Canales

Deeper Meaning is a series where we explore the personal stories of the Deep Roots community. This week we spoke with Deep Roots Studio Manager Jonas Canales about touring the country as a drummer, his first piercing experience, and his love of the ‘90s music scene in Seattle.  

IG: @jonas_canales

Music has always played a significant role in the life of Brazilian-born piercing studio manager and professional drummer Jonas Canales. A son to two artistic parents, creative expression was always encouraged at home, be it in Brazil, Chile, or when he came stateside. Jonas is also a huge proponent of living in the moment, which allows him to be mindful of everyone that comes into the Deep Roots Bellevue shop where he works searching for a new way to express themselves creatively.

Surprisingly enough, Jonas did not get his first piercing until he was almost in his early 30s. What he initially thought was a chance tour of the studio where one of his partners worked ended in her piercing chair, where the instruments to pierce his earlobe were ready to go. Coincidentally living with his piercer meant that she was able to monitor Jonas’ piercings over the next six months as he stretched them with increasingly larger plugs. That constant attention meant that he never had a blowout on his first set of stretched ears, which is as ideal as you could hope for during your first go-around.

Speaking of tours and instruments, at this point in his journey, Jonas had already begun playing every venue he could with his band across the country. As a prodigious drummer, he began collecting tattoos each time the band would roll back through their hometown and stay with a local tattoo shop owner and fan of the group. That tradition brought them all together and opened Jonas’s perspective to the piercing and tattoo journey ahead of him. After the band split, Jonas took a job in an art gallery in an exotic plant shop in Chicago to clear his head and take in the sights, though he didn’t plant his roots there for too long.

Going with the flow, life led Jonas to Seattle where his new partner’s tech job and his love of the early ‘90s music scene gave him more than a few reasons to plant roots. It was here where he first visited Deep Roots to get a new set of plugs and quickly became part of the community. Answering the call for counter staff that was posted at the entrance of the Bellevue location, he immersed himself in the industry. Jonas then worked his way to becoming an assistant manager and eventually manager of the location thanks to his drive and ability to empathize with employees and customers alike. 

Of the body art he has, it’s Jonas’ heavily tattooed arms that he is most proud of- specifically, his sleeve formed entirely with unique plants and flowers not seen in nature. Still an active musician, he is also careful with the piercings that he chooses to get so as not to interfere with the giant studio headphones that are part of his process when he creates his own art. Whether behind the counter or behind his drum kit, it’s never too long before Jonas gets into the groove of things.