Deeper Knowledge- The Upsides of Downsizing

After getting pierced, it’s important to monitor your body’s reaction to the procedure to ensure an optimal healing process. This includes cleaning and aftercare of the piercing, as well as downsizing your jewelry when the time comes.

What is downsizing and why is it important? Following your initial piercing, the body generally swells a little at the site as your tissue heals. This is a perfectly natural reaction that your piercer takes into account when selecting your jewelry size, resulting in a post that allows for your tissue to expand without too much resistance from the jewelry. This allows for a comfortable initial healing process.

After an average period of two to six weeks depending on the piercing, the swelling has subsided and it’s time for you to return to your professional piercer for an evaluation and downsizing. Your piercer will replace your original post with a shorter length which will be the appropriate size for the future of your piercing. 

To ensure the optimal health and healing of your piercing, it is important to make sure the proper length of the jewelry is in place to avoid potential complications such as irritation, a bump, or a suboptimal angle that could impede your piercing. A proper downsize makes all the difference to support the long term success of your piercing!

Look for these signs when your piercing begins to swell (via the Association of Professional Piercers): 

If you do notice that your jewelry is moving around too much, poking into your skin, or causing general discomfort, a downsizing session at Deep Roots may be all it takes to resolve your issue. We offer this service at no charge, the only cost is for your new, perfectly fitting jewelry (priced individually/per piece, which varies based on the materials, size, and style of the item). When using your own previously worn jewelry for this downsize, it absolutely must be thoroughly sterilized by one of our piercers and dropped off in a clean baggie labeled with your full name at least one hour BEFORE your appointment time and on the same day. This is imperative for avoiding any cross-contamination during your jewelry installation.

Additional information on downsizing from the Association of Professional Piercers can be found here, and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have as well. By not ignoring the signs of downsizing, you’ll ensure an optimal piercing experience and a great look for many years to come.